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May 14, 2003

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Community Corrections Benefit From Increased
Accountability, Sophisticated Analysis, & Strengthened Management

Concord, MA—Sageful Corporation today announced that the Sheriffs department of Suffolk County Massachusetts (serving the City of Boston) is successfully using Attendee Information Manager to enhance reentry effectiveness and reduce offender recidivism. While improving client outcomes, this comprehensive management solution is saving money by increasing the operational efficiency of Suffolk County’s community corrections centers.

Attendee Information Manager improves the timeliness, breadth and depth of information shared within the Sheriffs department as well as with external organizations so that better criminal justice decisions can be made. And because Attendee Information Manager allows clients to be carefully managed throughout every stage of their program, more sophisticated reentry strategies can be crafted and employed.

“Solutions like AIM (Attendee Information Manager) are critical in today’s challenging budget environment, where we have to do more with fewer resources. AIM automates time consuming, low-value activities, freeing up our staff for more important tasks. And it is really good at tracking vast amounts of different kinds of information without letting important details slip through the cracks,” said Andrea Cabral, Suffolk County Sheriff. “AIM even allows us to create a reentry strategy that ties together agencies that have been unable to exchange data consistently in the past.”

One feature of Attendee Information Manager that is particularly appealing to the Suffolk Sheriff’s Department is its ability to instantly alert responsible individuals when a critical client event, such as a positive drug test, occurs. As those alerted can be in multiple organizations and locations, the Sheriff can employ a rapid, multidisciplinary response capability. And since a client’s complete, up-to-the-minute dossier is easily available to all relevant parties, a range of intermediate sanctions can be adjudicated and precisely monitored.

Attendee Information Manager improves day-to-day operational efficiency
Attendee Information Manager improves day-to-day operational efficiency strengthening client and program accountability and enhancing real-time data collection and information analysis. For example, bar coded ID cards facilitate quick and accurate attendance taking; bar coded specimen cups and electronic signature tablets strengthen and make the chain-of-custody more legally defensible; and an open reporting system allows any desired level of analysis and reporting.

Attendee Information Manager Enterprise Edition
The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department is using the Enterprise Edition of Attendee Information Manager at its two community corrections centers. The Men’s Center in downtown Boston and the Women’s Center in Jamaica Plain annually serve nearly 1,000 clients and perform 30,000 drug/alcohol tests. Each community corrections center is networked to the Sheriff’s main data warehouse where the Attendee Information Manager server is housed, facilitating MIS oversight and administration (e.g., backups, automatic client updating, etc.).

About Sageful Corporation
Sageful’s efficiency-enhancing technology solutions are specifically designed for community corrections departments, reentry programs and commercial/government substance abuse testing organizations. Sageful offers drug court personnel, probation and parole officers, reentry staff, case workers and substance abuse testers comprehensive “command centers” where they can collect, track, analyze and securely share client information.

Sageful solutions are quick to deploy, easy to use and provide complete, legally defensible client information management. Sageful increases operational efficiency, reduces program risk, and improves client outcomes.

Sageful Client Information Management.
Improving Outcomes. Saving Money.

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