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Nashua Street Jail

Nashua Street Jail

The Suffolk County Jail on Nashua Street opened in 1990 and is the replacement facility for the historical Charles Street Jail, which operated from 1851 until 1991. The Jail houses approximately 700 pretrial detainees in 13 different housing units.

Transportation, booking and property also maintain effective operations of the facility with the constant movement of probation surrender inmates to a separate housing unit at the House of Correction. This move was necessary to combat the rising inmate population at the Jail. Annually, the kitchen staff serve more than 700,000 meals to detainees. The staff also takes time to prepare separate meals for days honoring different ethnic, religious, and cultural holidays.

The Jail continues to use the latest in correctional technology to maintain safe and secure housing units for pretrial detainees. Along with the House of Correction, the Jail is fully compliant with all health and safety codes including the Americans with Disabilities Act. The command staff, along with all Jail employees continue to maintain a modern facility for the care and custody of detainees.

Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department
Jail at Nashua Street
200 Nashua Street
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 635-1100

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Fast Facts

  • Suffolk County Jail is a replacement for the Charles Street Jail, which was in operation since 1851.

  • The Charles Street Jail was ordered to close in a 1973 federal court decision.

  • The building was built on 2.1 acres of land, and totals 249,540 sq. ft.

  • Groundbreaking September 1987.

  • In 1990, the Suffolk County Jail at Nashua Street became operational.

  • The total cost of the facility was $54 million.

  • The Jail has 453 cells, containing 654 beds.

  • There are 13 individual housing units.

  • The entire facility is maximum security.

  • Modern kitchen serves over 2,000 meals per day.

  • Accreditation with the American Correctional Association (ACA) since 1991.

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