Sandy Zamor Calixte, M.S.C.J.

Chief of External Affairs and Communications

Sandy Zamor Calixte is the Chief of External Affairs and Communications for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department. She was hired by the Department in 2006, as the Coordinator of Community Outreach and Youth Programming, and was promoted to the position of Director of External Affairs in 2013 by Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins. In 2014, Zamor Calixte was elevated to Chief of External Affairs and Communications.
Throughout her time with the Department, Chief Zamor Calixte has worked with numerous social, civic, criminal justice, education, law enforcement, and faith-based organizations to help foster the Department’s message of public service, civic engagement and personal responsibility.

Zamor Calixte oversees all external programs for the Department including the Choice program, a Department initiative comprised of a cadre of officers appointed with the mission of visiting schools in Suffolk County to discuss gangs, peer pressure, planning for the future, and making smart choices with students; and the Department’s Summer Enrichment Program. She also helped to build a multi-organizational collaborative effort to reduce youth violence with the B-Smart Initiative at Chez-Vous Roller Skating Rink in Dorchester, and also initiated the female JailBrake program, which she currently shepherds.

The JailBrake program is designed to help reduce the rise in violent acts committed by adolescents in Suffolk County and to curtail the increase in the number of young people being incarcerated by emphasizing the realities of imprisonment including: lack of control, lack of privacy, and responsibility for one’s own actions. In August of 2012, the female JailBrake program was featured on Arnold Shapiro Productions’ “Beyond Scared Straight” television program, during which the producer lauded the JailBrake program as one of the best in the country.

The Summer Enrichment Program, which Chief Zamor Calixte created and implemented, under the auspices of Sheriff Tompkins, is a paid internship program for motivated high school juniors and seniors, that enables participates to gain insight into the world of law enforcement through job shadowing, weekly presentations by members of law enforcement, roundtable discussions, law enforcement related field trips and educational tours.

Most recently, Chief Zamor Calixte spearheaded the renovation and upgrade of the Department’s public website and external communication vehicle, the Common Ground newsletter, to reflect the Department in its similarly modernized functions.

Chief Zamor Calixte is also an active member of the community, and has served on the boards of many civic institutions including Chairman of the Hazelton Street Association, Mattapan Economic Development Initiative, and the Young Professionals Network of the Urban League and Communities of Color. She is also the former president and graduate advisor for the Haitian Club of Northeastern University.
Chief Zamor Calixte is a former investigator for the Department of Industrial Accidents and the Department of Treasury, and she holds a Masters in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University and a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. She was a 1991 Ujima Scholar and a Martin Luther King Fellow.