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K–9 Division

Sergeant Corey Lewis

The canine unit for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department consists of four K–9 teams.

Two of the canines are German Shepherds that are cross–trained in patrol and narcotic detection and the other two are Labrador Retrievers that are trained in narcotic detection.

Jax, a patrol and narcotics dog, is partnered with Sergeant Corey Lewis. Joka, a patrol and narcotics dog, is partnered with Corporal Tim Frates. Simba and Luka, both narcotics dogs, are partnered with Corporal Robert Connelly and Deputy Julie Wilder respectively.

These canine teams provide additional security and search for narcotics inside the House of Correction and the Nashua Street Jail as well as assist other law enforcement agencies in searching for narcotics, fleeing felons, or lost children.

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