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Community Works Program (CWP)

Sheriff’s Department CWP

The Suffolk County Community Works Program (CWP)sends properly classified inmates nearing the completion of their sentences into communities, under the constant watch of an armed Sheriff’s deputy, to provide labor for many city, state and town projects. Cleaning vacant lots, beautifying roadway intersections, painting street lamps, boarding and securing abandoned homes and shoveling senior citizen housing walkways are just some of many innovative jobs the inmates complete. The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department is very aware of all municipal employees’ contributions and is therefore very careful not to displace any workers. The Community Works Program is involved in assisting the community and we undertake only those projects that may never be completed due to costs restraints or lack of personnel.

The CWP work program is an essential part of vocational and job training services provided to offenders before release from the Suffolk County House of Correction.

The end result of the program is quite simply a win–win. The inmates give back a measure of the cost of their incarceration while learning the skills needed to conduct themselves as responsible, contributing members of society and the law enforcement community benefits by breaking the cycle of inmate recidivism.

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