Civil Process Division

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Civil Process Division

The Civil Process Division is dedicated to assisting attorneys and pro se litigants by serving all documents necessary to conduct litigation in Suffolk County’s courts. Led by Chief Deputy Joseph Terranova, the Civil Process Division serves documents at every stage of litigation, from the initial Summons and Complaint, to deposition and trial subpoenas, and finally to post–judgment writs. The civil process staff and deputies assist judgment creditors by seizing property, garnishing wages, conducting Sheriff’s sales and making civil arrests. These civil arrests are performed when a Writ of Capias has been issued by the court. The Division’s Enforcement Unit works collaboratively with the Probate Courts and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue’s Child Support Enforcement Unit to serve notice upon and, if necessary, arrest parents who are delinquent in paying their legal child support obligations.

The daily work of the Civil Process Division is wide–ranging and fast–paced. With more than 25,000 matters handled each year, the Civil Process team of experienced deputies and administrators carries out a multitude of tasks in an effort to get important legal documents served quickly and correctly. Deputies spend the majority of their time in the community serving notices for many different types of clients. Clients range from large and small law firms, businesses and individual citizens. The Civil Process Division diverges from other parts of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department because it deals with civil law as opposed to criminal law. Civil law and civil enforcement includes anything from the courts that is not criminal. Such examples include divorce and custody proceedings, suits between individuals seeking money damages, injuries, tenant laws and much more.
For more information on the Civil Process Division please contact:

Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department
Civil Process Division
132 Portland Street
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: (617) 704-6999
Fax: (617) 704-6998

To visit the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Civil Process website, click here: