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Job Opportunity: Registered Nurse (RN-11)

General Statement of Duties and Responsibilities

Provides routine nursing care and emergency medical treatment; assists other health professionals in caring for inmates; performs professional general duty nursing in a correctional institution; provides information as requested; performs related work as required.

Supervision Received

Works under the direct administrative supervision of the ADS of Health Services and the general medical supervision of a physician, dentist, psychiatrist, or physician’s assistant.

Supervision Exercised

As assigned

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide and/or assist in providing medical care and treatment to all detainees/inmates housed at the Jail.
  • Maintain accurate and complete medical records, files, and charts regarding each patient seen and for all medications dispensed or prepared.
  • Schedule and prepare records and paperwork for clinic appointments, doctor visits and referrals.
  • Respond to all medical emergencies and keep complete and accurate record of medical procedures and personnel involved.
  • Assist the physician, psychiatrist, and dentist in delivery of services.
  • Notify the Shift Commander of medical emergencies and the need for additional medical assistance in the absence of the charge nurse or ADS.
  • Prepare reports, statistics, records, files, and documents as assigned.
  • Interact daily with inmates and detainees.
  • Maintain thorough knowledge of all medical, psychiatric and dental standing orders and procedures as well as Department and Division policies and procedures.
  • Be flexible and able to learn and perform new duties and skills as assigned.
  • Such other duties as the Sheriff, or her designee, may assign from time to time.

Essential Functions

  • Regular, punctual and predictable attendance at assigned workplace and post;
  • Knowledge of, compliance with, and enforcement of Department, as well as Medical Division, policies and procedures;
  • Compliance with security procedures;
  • Obeying moderately complex oral and written orders;
  • Observing inmates in clinic and/or on closed-circuit TV monitors;
  • Listening for possible disturbances;
  • Making accurate written entries in patient records and preparing accurate written reports;
  • Communicating orally and in writing;
  • Using communication, emergency and other equipment;
  • Applying medical restraints and safety devices;
  • Performing assisted lifting of inmates;
  • Participating in training (e.g. annual CPR certification);
  • Dealing effectively with inmates one-on-one and in large groups;
  • Dealing calmly and effectively with stressful situations, including emergencies; and
  • Exercising good judgment.

Minimum Physical Requirements for Essential Functions

  • Sit and stand periodically for 8 hours;
  • Lift up to 15 pounds;
  • Carry up to 5 pounds;
  • Climb stairs;
  • Walk and run short distances; and
  • Write or type.

Additional Functions of Position

  • Assist patients into or out of bed;
  • Distribute medications using wheeled cart.


  • Massachusetts Registration in Registered Nursing.
  • Experience or/and training in psychiatry, drug addiction and alcohol abuse, and/or previous correctional facility nursing experience.
  • Have and maintain current CPR certification.

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