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Job Opportunity: Correctional Officer

General Statement of Duties and Responsibilities

As public servants, Jail and Correction Officers employed by Suffolk County must conduct themselves in an exemplary manner both on and off duty. They must know and scrupulously observe the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department’s standards of employee conduct.

Jail and Correction Officers maintain care, custody, and control of inmates in accordance with departmental policies and procedures. To provide such care, custody and control, Jail and Correction Officers must tour assigned areas (which requires them to climb approximately fifteen stairs); observe inmate activity in person and on closed circuit monitors, identify inmates who have behavioral, medical, or other problems so that appropriate safety and security measures may be taken; and perform general security duties to prevent escape, disorder, rule infractions and harm to inmates, visitors, and staff. The general security duties performed by Jail and Correction Officers require them to search inmates, visitors, cells, and other areas for weapons and contraband; monitor and regulate inmate and staff movement; maintain and record inmate counts, cell assignments, and other pertinent information; escort inmates within and outside the institution; use and maintain keys and other equipment; and supervise inmate work details.

Jail and Correction Officers are supervised and directed by superior officers and must be able to understand and carry out moderately complex oral and written instructions. They are required to prepare accurate written reports and communicate orally and in writing with their superior officers, inmates, and staff. Jail and Correction Officers must respond to emergency situations, including incidents involving inmate violence. To respond to such situations, they must be able to employ emergency equipment, restraints, weapons (including firearms), and force when necessary. They must also lift equipment, perform assisted lifting of inmates, exercise sound judgment, and work under pressure in stressful situations.

All Jail and Correction Officers must participate in training and be available to assume special temporary, and/or provisional assignments and duties. Such assignment and duties include without limitation: transportation; maintenance; front entrance; public affairs; communications; storeroom-canteen; and infirmary.

Jail/Correction Officer Qualification Requirements

To be considered for employment by Suffolk County as a member of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years of age;
  • Present a copy of a high school diploma or G.E.D. certificate;
  • Present a copy of a birth certificate;
  • Present a copy of a DD-214 (if the applicant was in the military);
  • Pass a criminal record check;
  • Pass a background investigation;
  • Pass a written skills test, oral interview, and physical fitness test;
  • Prove United States Citizenship;
  • Pass a physical examination (if a conditional offer of employment has been extended) which includes:
    • A determination that the applicant is fit to perform a Jail/Correction Officer’s essential functions;
    • Drug screening test;
  • Must not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others in the workplace;
  • Possess ability to perform all essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodation.

In addition, all newly hired officers must:

  • Successfully complete twelve week Corrections Academy;
  • Successfully complete probationary period of employment.

Failure to comply with any of the requirements listed above constitutes just cause for discharge.

Supervision Received

Jail and Correction Officers work under the general supervision of a lieutenant or sergeant who reviews their work for compliance with regulations.

Essential Functions of Position

  • Regular, punctual, and predictable attendance at assigned workplace and post;
  • Knowing, complying with, and enforcing departmental policies and security procedures;
  • Patrolling assigned areas (including two-tiered areas with approximately fifteen stairs) for extended time periods performing general security duties;
  • Obeying moderately complex oral and written orders;
  • Observing inmate and staff activity in person and on closed circuit monitors;
  • Searching cells, footlockers, and other areas;
  • Frisking inmates and performing strip searches;
  • Listening for possible disturbances;
  • Maintaining inmate counts, making accurate written entries in log books, and preparing accurate written reports;
  • Opening and closing doors and gates manually and electronically;
  • Communicating orally;
  • Using communication, emergency and other equipment;
  • Applying handcuffs, other restraints, and safety devices;
  • Performing restraining and self-defense techniques;
  • Lifting emergency equipment (e.g. fire extinguisher) and performing assisted lifting of inmates;
  • Participating in training;
  • Dealing effectively with inmates one-on-one and in large groups;
  • Dealing calmly and effectively with stressful situations, including emergencies;
  • Exercising good judgment.

Additional Functions of Position

  • Carrying and discharging a firearm;
  • Carrying and defensive of a baton;
  • Operating a motor vehicle;
  • Performing computer-assisted work;
  • Lifting more than 50 pounds;
  • Performing routine maintenance work;
  • Working outdoors in all types of weather.

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